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Women’s Wellness Center

Crosspoint is preparing to develop a Women’s Wellness Campus to serve women and children experiencing issues related to homelessness, addiction, mental illness and trauma.  While our search continues to identify and acquire suitable property for this project, we have started the Women’s Wellness Center to address the needs of these populations on a smaller scale.  Using a 29-bed facility, services are being provided for females referred from the DVA’s Health Care for Homeless Veterans program, the Southwest Texas Crisis Collaborative and the Bexar County Esperanza Court.  Once the campus is open, we will also be serving the mothers and babies currently housed at Casa Mia.  In the meantime, the Women’s Wellness Center is providing residential support, behavioral health services and life skills for human trafficking victims, homeless Veterans, and women in need of step-down services coming out of behavioral health hospitals.  These services will help vulnerable citizens break the vicious cycle of emergency services, homelessness and incarceration in their journey toward restored citizenship.