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Casa Mia at Pryor House

Annually, one third of newborn opioid withdrawal cases in Texas occur in Bexar County, which is the San Antonio area. This equates to 300-400 infants each year born withdrawing from prenatal opioid exposure. When this occurs, the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) becomes involved and, if a mother is unable to provide a safe plan of care, her infant is typically placed in foster care while she accesses treatment services. A critical element in combatting the impact of this nationwide opioid crisis on women and children is recovery housing that provides 24/7 staff support. This support meets the DFPS requirements of a safe plan of care and improves the likelihood of long-term family preservation. Further, without this resource, mothers are more likely to lose their children, struggle with treatment success, and ultimately relapse which expends precious resources and erodes women’s sense of hope.

Casa Mia, a partnership between Crosspoint and the UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing (SON), opened in late December 2018 and is currently funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Baptist Health Foundation, and the Sisters of the Holy Spirit. This innovative care model fulfills an essential need in Texas by providing transitional residential programming in the beautiful 4500 square foot Pryor House in the historic Monte Vista neighborhood. Casa Mia focuses specifically on women with opioid use disorder who are pregnant and/or parenting and welcomes their young children to accompany them. This program relies on the proven Crosspoint model of transitional residential services to provide recovery housing while women access needed outpatient treatment services. The SON brings to Casa Mia its extensive expertise in women’s health, child growth and development, nutrition, and program evaluation. Further, unlike most recovery housing, Casa Mia welcomes women who have chosen a variety of pathways to recovery including medication assisted treatment.

Other key collaborators of Casa Mia include Alpha Home (women’s treatment) and Downtown Baptist (Kuala Program).

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