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Crosspoint Leadership Symposium

Crosspoint’s Annual Leadership Symposium is conducted to provide local community leaders of all types with an opportunity for networking as well as important information from subject matter experts on a topic that is critical to ensuring the health and strength of San Antonio. It is structured as a “lunch and learn” event that is held at the beautiful Eilan Hotel. Each year, we bring in local, state and national experts to explain a topical issue and present what is being done at each of these levels to address it. Past keynote speakers and topics include Senator John Cornyn speaking on Smart Justice, Judge Robert Francis speaking on Specialty Courts and Justice Dale Wainwright speaking on The Power of Faith and Family in Restoration.

Symposium Keynote Leadership Symposium

Community Restoration Luncheon

Vision Statement – Crosspoint strives to be the model of personal and community restoration
Crosspoint Luncheon Crosspoint Luncheon

Crosspoint’s Annual Community Restoration Luncheon has been conducted for decades with friends, supporters, partners and other stakeholders gathered to hear of program successes and stories of personal restoration. This event announces Crosspoint’s organizational theme for the year. The 2020 theme is “Serving Those Who Served.” Then the audience is introduced to successful Graduates of the Year, one of whom bravely takes the podium to share the challenges and successes they experienced in their journey toward personal restoration. Each year, a respected community leader is selected to share his or her passion for the Crosspoint mission and the issues related to carrying out our services. The luncheon is concluded by meeting the new board chair and incoming board members.