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Mental Health Services

Crosspoint provides outpatient mental health services for male and female clients referred by the federal criminal justice system. Recognizing the impact of mental health issues on a client's ability to self manage and engage in prosocial behavior, Crosspoint clinicians utilize individualized treatment plans to provide the appropriate type and intensity of clinical services including individual, group and family counseling. Any Crosspoint resident can be referred to our clinicians for mental health assessment.

The primary objective of our mental health programs is to provide services aimed at helping our clients to improve their quality of life, self-esteem and independence. Mental health counseling services include stress management and relaxation techniques as well as information to help clients understand and live with mental health issues.

In addition to clients referred from the federal system, Crosspoint also provides outpatient assessment and short-term behavioral health counseling to Veterans and indigent residents within City Council District 2 at no cost to the client. The capacity of this program is limited and referrals are accepted only from an approved group of District 2 service organizations.