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Crosspoint exists to build
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communities by
empowering individuals
to lead productive lives.



The SummitThe Summit

Built in three sections in 1922, 1928 and 1962. Its 86,000 square feet substantially increased Crosspoint's capacity, providing space for 30 new offices and a current residential capacity of 95.


Alvarez HouseAlvarez House

Built in 1905 and purchased in 1983. It has 5800 square feet and has a capacity for 29 residents.



Built in 1973 and was purchased in 1992. It has 10,749 square feet and has a capacity for 48 residents.



Built in 1910 and donated by the Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable Trust in 1967. It has 4700 square feet and has a capacity for 15 residents.


Austin-Cullum Outpatient CenterAustin-Cullum Outpatient Center

Crosspoint began providing outpatient addictions treatment in 1998 at the Hall House Outpatient Center for men and women who are in the process of transitioning back into the community. In 2006, outpatient services were expanded to include mental health services. In 2007, a new free-standing clinic was opened in Tobin Hill and was dedicated as the Austin-Cullum Outpatient Center. It was named after Helen Austin, MSW and Chaplain Robert Cullum, ThD. Ms. Austin and Chaplain Cullum were early board members who were vital to Crosspoint's development and viability. Their commitment to the organization's mission and clients needs were clear to anyone who met them. The Austin-Cullum Outpatient Center was moved to The Summit in 2011, where services continue to be provided for those experiencing mental health and/or substance use disorders. These services are also provided on a limited, sliding-scale basis for appropriately referred indigent residents and Veterans in San Antonio's District 2.